Indigo Yoga

Join Indigo Yoga & Community Space for inspiring and supportive yoga, meditation and movement classes and workshops.  Our yoga studio gives people an opportunity to  practice yoga, meditation, mindfulness based stress reduction, fitness and movement at all levels.  We also rent space for one time and on going events.  Call 413.584.9993 to bring your event to Indigo.

Here is what is happening at Indigo…
Here are our offerings to support you…

February 8 — Mar 15, 6pm — 9:30 pm. Join us in a wisdom and healing circle, Women’s Creativity and Conscious Living, based on the book The Laws of Spirit by Dan Millman and Transformational Kinesiology group work. We’ll cover Balance, Choices, Process, Presence, Compassion and Faith, led by Carol Hetrick.  

February 11 5:30-7. Come Enjoy Valentines Day with us with a specialYummy Yoga and Massage class for singles or couples.  Relax in supported postures led by yoga instructor, Jennifer Perimentier, as Joa offers sweet massage and sound from her singing bowls to help you relax and open your heart. If you can’t make this class but are interested in yoga and massage classes please message us for future classes.

February 12, 5:30-6:30.  Feldenkrais 10 week class series. Want to feel better, younger, more flexible, free of chronic aches… and far more graceful overall? Join Victoria for weekly classes.

February 13, 7 pm. Joa and her husband, Julian, will offer a specialValentines Day Sound Circle.  Lie down and feel the vibration of singing bowls, music and mantra.  This is a great way to nurture yourself or open you up to share with a special someone.

February 14. Call ahead to book your couples massage all week and of course on valentines day!  Spaces are limited so call early.  413.584.9993.

February 15. Attention pregnant couples!  Join us for a special massage for pregnancy partner class on This is a great way to learn how to support each other as your body changes.

Come meet my sweetie, Marty Benjamin, for a special demonstration on Pain Relief. (That’s how we celebrate love these days after carrying our little bundle of joy around.)

February 17, 6 pm. Want to know how to get out of physical pain and restricted movement? Marty Benjamin, a senior practitioner of neuro kinetic therapy, will explain and demonstrate how pain patterns and injuries can be resolved using simple hands on techniques and exercises.  Great info for both the lay person as well as athletes and body therapist. Please pre-register for this FREE class!

February 22, 10-5.  Wholeness Energetics Workshop with Deborah Wilson.
With one simple tool you can • Take charge of your health • Build healthy harmonious sustaining relationships • Make life decisions and reach your goals with ease, creativity, and joy.  It is often the same thing that gets in the way of our health, relationships, and achievement of our goals. If we experience discomfort, pain, or disharmony, it is in most cases because we are not seeing from the perspective of our higher self. Instead, we are seeing from the level of the smaller self, the self we think we are. At our essence, we are whole, complete, and perfect. When we live from that place, we can access our intuition and knowing, we can enjoy natural states of health, vitality, and creativity, and we can express all of who we are, our authentic, expansive, and joyous self.  Join us and learn this simple effective tool that can assist you in expanding your awareness, uncovering subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and shifting your perception. In essence, this tool will assist you in operating from and embodying your true self. Full-day option: Introduction and demo in the morning; instruction with practice sessions in the afternoon, lunch 1 – 2PM $75. Half-day option: 10AM – 1PM Introduction and Demo $40

March 6- 15. Join us for FREE Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction FREE Orientation classes. MBSR is an experiential learning program, intended to engage the mind and the body. Through group and individual practices, discussions, and presentations, participants learn a variety of formal and informal approaches for cultivating mindfulness.  FREE Classes will be offered Friday morning, March 6, 9:00 to 11:30 am,Sunday morning, March 8, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, Wednesday evening, March 11, 6:00 to 8:30 pm, Sunday morning, March 15, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.  You must preregister.

March 15, 2-4 pm. Explore Nature’s Healing Energies with Adam Davis.This workshop explores the aspects of nature that are at the root of energy work, herbal remedies, crystal medicine, and other healing modalities. The suggested contribution is $20.

Shiatsu and Qigong

Join Robert Canty as he shares his passion for shiatsu. We hope to meet every other week. This class will be shaped by your interests and your schedule so please contact us if you are interested.  Shiatsu draws extensively from the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their belief in the movement of energy through specific pathways in the body called meridians or channels. Blockages in these pathways can result in both physical and emotional problems. The Shiatsu practitioner uses a variety of hand and body techniques, which we will practice in this class.  This class is open to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of their body and their spiritual and emotional health as well as how to help others.